Tickets are available for this year’s TdF sweepstake. As before they cost £1 each. I’ve started selling earlier in the hope the more members will participate providing more funds for more prizes. If successful I hope to give stage win prizes as well as the prices for the four jerseys. It all depends on the size of the final kitty.
One change from last year will be that the team leader’s numbers will be drawn first – so there no punter will receive more than one team leader – as happened last year.
Tickets on sale, from me, at the Pedal Club up until the June meet or by a cheque made out to R. Wall and posted to:

142 Holden Avenue
Oxley Park
Milton Keynes MK4 4HT.

All takings go in prizes so roll-up you lucky people and become a possible billionaire this July. Good luck.

Richard Wall January 2012

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