July lunch

We were reminded by Nick Gritton that two of our members, Dan Lloyd and Bradley Wiggins gave apologies for this gathering because they are otherwise engaged riding the Tour de France. The gathering unanimously and spontaneously sent their very best wishes to Dan and Brad.

Rino Pucci mingled with us on this occasion and has issued some excellent photos of our gathering, illustrating the conviviality we all enjoy each month. Rino is also happy to share these shots with us. The covering email explains Rino’s project and is reproduced, with thanks, for your full information:

Dear Sean,
Here some of the pictures I took last Wednesday at the luncheon, portrait included. I chose those that could be interesting for you – feel free to share them with the other members as well as to use for the website. In that case, just credit: Rino Pucci.
Here some information about me and my project. Feel free to correct or rewrite in a proper English.

Rino Pucci is a visual journalist for “Corriere della Sera”, the Italian leading newspaper. He is on sabbatical at the moment, attending his MA in PhotoJournalism at the University of Westminster. As the Major Project for his Master, he is producing a photo-documentary about the relationship bikes-London – one of its chapters is devoted to the Pedal Club.

Thanks for the opportunity you gave me to photograph your monthly meeting and for the kind hospitality. All the best



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