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Peter Junek is a Czech/Canadian. An ex-cyclist and sixday rider. For quite a few years now, Peter has been designing and building tracks around the world. He has just told me about his recent promotion that rings a lot of bells.

In the province of Ontario, since pre world war one, there was a road race from Toronto to London (Ontario) every year. Like many such annual events it was popular and of public status. Alas like so many road cycle races it fell to the modern traffic era and a ban by police in 1970.

Peter and his colleagues decided to revive the race on a small 138m x 5m wide indoor track in London Ontario last Saturday 5th Feb. 190kms = 1380 laps. 26 riders started and 16 finished in 5.30 hours. All controlled by computer, with a transponder on each bike. Each rider showing his laps, speed, time etc. Go all the way racing and no crashes! and Peter tells me that in 6 hours the spectators stayed in the stadium (no doubt well catered for with eats and drinks). It was a straight out race, not complicated and easily followed by spectators backed by the electronic information.

The only disappointment seems to be the atrocious snow falls in the area last week that may have effected the crowd.

This does make one think that an empty track can be put to good use. Especially if the racing for the general public is not complicated to follow – unlike many of our events.

A real marathon.

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