Congrats Brad!

Pedal Club member Bradley Wiggins finished in the silver medal position at the world timetrial Championships this week.
Having had his Tour de France dissapointment felled by a crash and having to retire with a broken collar bone, his season has ended on a high with 3rd in the Tour of Spain, the best to date by a Pedal Club member. Also with his performance at the World Championships, his first non track worlds medal, who knows what the road race will hold for him on Saturday.

Daniel lloyd, Pedal Club member, finished 10th in the tour of Britain on Saturday. Daniel went into the Sunday TT in wesminster in 3rd place overall where he had been in the GC for a few days. During that time he defended his own position in the GC very strongly, while still being the consumate super domestic and leading out World road Champion Thor Hushvod to a stage win in Caphilly South Wales. Daniel is also 1st reserve for this weekends World road race champs.

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