Pedal Club Winter Club Run (23rd Feb. 2017)

PC Gravesend 2 - Copy

While traffic was visibly gridlocked on the nearby A2 road by a 70 mph gale, a small but resilient group of Pedal Club members rode around the Cyclopark circuit, demonstrating the potential superiority of the bicycle in difficult conditions.

With the weather as it was, just arriving at Gravesend was an achievement. Our new president, Steve Bullen, had made an epic four hour journey from Evesham, arriving punctually for a somewhat shorter bike ride.  In all fifteen members and friends were present, the committee being well represented with six members including our hardworking secretary and treasurer.

PC Gravesend 4 - Copy

As can be seen from the group photograph, Carole Gandy (fifth from the left) elegantly demonstrated that the new Pedal Club kit can look just as well on a lady as it does on a gentleman.

The club is grateful to Nick Gritton for his excellent work in organising this event. There is, none the less, a rumour that he has been amusing himself with a mystical foreknowledge of the weather, by first of all booking ‘Doris Day’ and then, well before the official forecast, announcing that he was ‘unfortunately double booked’ and unable to come himself.

PC Gravesend 3 - Copy

These Cyclopark meetings are a valuable addition to the club’s programme and have been enjoyed by all those who have come. However, we should remember that one of our most prominent founders, G.H. Stancer, campaigned against cycle paths on the grounds that their existence was a precursor to cyclists being forced off the road. Perhaps an on road Pedal Club club run could be our next target.

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