November Meeting – Our 75th Anniversary Dinner

A great meeting with a full house, good food, and excellent service from JJ.

The refurbished room now boasts a public address system that our President really appreciated, being almost impossible to wrest the microphone from him.

Keith Robins gave a fascinating address tracing the origins of the Club, including some rather strange names before “The Pedal Club” was chosen.


The Club received messages of congratulation from the Presidents of Port Elizabeth AA & CC, South Africa (founded 1880) and The Pickwick Bicycle Club (founded 1870).

Our Panel discussion was unexpectedly serious, covering such topics as the lack of money to support professional cycling; the diminution of Pro Continental Teams; and the rules concerning the use of TUE’s, where Roger Hammond was particularly informative, with a well-stated, strong personal opinion.

Carlton Kirby proved that he would be a fine guest at any dinner table, with a compendium of stories about commentating, and an excellent impression of Sean Kelly.

Our President gave mysterious introductions about the Panel that he later explained, but we never did find out which short-cut Erick Rowsell took during the Milan-San Remo.

Congratulations were given to Keith Robins for the collectors piece “75th Anniversary Dinner” menu.

Members received their impressive new Club badge. Ivan Dodds and his daughter were congratulated for designing and producing this attractive piece.

The Club have nominated John Barclay for the BBC Sports Personality Unsung Hero Award.

We also remembered Bill Ollis. In his Will he made the provision of wine for the Lunch, which was well-received by all,

Next Month is the Christmas Party, so come along and have some fun!

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