Bursary award – Report – John Barclay

John continues to provide racing opportunities for younger riders, across the Channel every weekend throughout the summer.

The Pedal Club have been delighted to support John’s continuing work with a bursary award, enabling these racing trips to thrive at very little cost to the riders.

Recently, John was very pleased to note Adam Blythe’s victory in Binche-Tournai-Binche, netting a few established scalps in the process, as one of the ‘old boys’! It is appreciated that John’s list of ‘old boys’ includes most of today’s successful British professional riders, yes, the odd Olympic, Commonwealth, World Championship and Tour de France winner!


Adam Blythe celebrating at Binche-Tournai-Binche.

John’s report for 2012:

SOUTH EAST CYCLING TEAM results for 2012

This season we have made 27 cross channel trips to 32 races providing 170 rides
We had 44 top ten places including nine wins

Results in the major events
Junior Kuurne brussel Kuurne 147riders 30 teams
Jon Dibben 5th and 4th Team

Kontich four day 156 riders 26 teams
Germain Burton 8th first stage 1st second stage 10th third stage 4th points classement and 10th team

Johan Musseeuw Classic 124 riders 21 teams
Will Stephenson 10th 3rd team

West Flanders Youth Tour four stages 205 km 26 teams 154 riders
1st young rider and white jersey A Braybrook 2nd team South East
3rd on G/C L Moody 4th place team time trial South East 5th place stage one L Moody
7th place stage two L Moody

Koksijde two day 153 riders 27teams
9th last stage Germain Burton

We have had several parents helping with Dave Story and Barry Gregory this year and they are keen to continue.

The big success this season has been Germain Burton who was not on any BC programme after winning a stage at Kontich he was selected for two Nations Cup races with the national team followed by the European and World Championships.

I would like to thank Glyn and the regional board for their continued support it is much appreciated by all the riders who are part of our programme

Yours sincerely
John Barclay


The South East Cycling Team at this year’s West Flanders Youth Tour.

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