August 2018

2018-08-08 15.03.38
– A pause to remember Monty Young.
– The problems caused by the PoW in July were aired, and appropriate action has been taken.
– Ethan Hayter’s win in the Omnium at the European Championships was recognised together with the support and guidance of John Barclay.
– Appreciation was shown for the many achievements of our guests.
– We applauded Alf Engers 25 TT record 40 years ago!
– Alice Lethbridge spoke about her journey to beating the 12-hour record set by Beryl Burton 50 years ago – now 285.645 miles; and for her love of the 100-miles after setting a new record – 3.42.37.
Chris Lovibond reflected the appreciation of all in his vote of thanks.

Next meeting: 12th September

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