Book of Rules & List of Members





Hon. Secretary JEREMY WHITE

Asst. Hon. Secretary ALAN STEINLE

Hon. Treasurer ALAN STEINLE

Hon. Press Officer BRUCE SANDELL

Members Representatives



Hon. Golden Book Secretary STEVE BULLEN


Hon. Website Liaison ADAM TRANTER


Hon. Auditor MIKE BUNYAN

Immediate Past President PETER RUFFHEAD



150-151 Drury Lane, London WC2B 5TD

0207 836 5183

Chairman 1941-1942 G H STANCER

Chairmen were elected monthly until 1952



1952 G Brake

1953 R Williamson

1954 A J Ballantyne

1955 S H Pontin

1956 H H England

1957 D A Lyford

1958 J B McColl

1959 F C W Stevenson

1960 R White

1961 S M Butler

1962 S H Pontin

1963 W H Townsend OBE

1964 C King OBE

1955 Dr C R Woodard

1966 P G Bryan

1967 H Briercliffe

1968 L C Warner

1969 L A Gebel

1970 H H Wallace

1971 J R Parker

1972 G E Martindale

1973 G Culliford

1974 J J Lauterwasser

1975 H G Scott

1976 E G Kings

1977 C G Bowtle

1978 W C Frankum

1979 S W Saltmarsh

1980 K G Robins

1981 A O Wingrave

1982 R Thom

1983 R Thame

1984 L Unwin

1985 F R Fisher

1986 E Wingrave

1987 R J Walsh

1988 S L W Benstead

1989 T Morley

1990 B M Stout

1991 A Munns

1992 R G Gray

1993 K Audas

1994 D Bonner

1995 W G Ollis

1996 A Harlow

1997 G Shakespeare

1998 J Dennis

1999 E B Taylor

2000 R J Chicken

2001 J A Hegarty

2002 D E Wiseman

2003 A Ayton

2004 T N Anderson

2005 G Shakespeare

2006 G Bristow

2007 M Bunyan

2008 S Bannister

2009 G J Higginson

2010 I Dodd

2011 K Butler

2012 N Gritton

2013 M Cross

2014 J McMillan

2015 P Ruffhead

2016 K Penfold

2017 S Bullen




1941 A P Chamberlin

1942-1943 G Brake

1944-1947 A P Chamberlin

1948-1951 L A Gebel

1952-1955 D A Lyford

1956-1966 H Briercliffe

1967 R St Pierre

1968-1975 H G Scott

1976-1980 A O Wingrave

1981-1984 J R Walsh

1985 D Roberts

1986 W W Griffiths

1987-1989 B M Stout

1990-1991 M C Ennis

1992-1994 K Audas

1995-1996 C Davies

1997-2000 W G Ollis

2001-2015 G J Higginson

2016- J White




1941 A P Chamberlin

1942-1943 G Brake

1944-1946 H E Miles

1947-1956 G E Martindale

1957 E T Bannister

1958-1968 L A Gebel

1969-1970 S H Pontin

1971-1974 W Frankum

1975-1986 G May

1987-1996 A Mepham

1997-1999 W Thorncroft

2000-2009 J Pocock

2010- A Steinle








LUNCHEONS are held on the second Wednesday of each month unless otherwise notified.


ABSENCE   An apology for absence is required in accordance with Rule 13, but it does not necessarily constitute an explanation, as required by Rule 3.


COUNTRY AND SOCIAL MEMBERS must notify the Hon. Secretary of their intention to attend any luncheon and attention is drawn to Rule 4(b) and Rule 5(b).


CHANGE OF ADDRESS must be notified to the Hon. Secretary.





  1. NAME

The name of the Club shall be THE PEDAL CLUB.



The objects of the Club shall be


  1. To provide an opportunity for cycling officials and cycling journalists, members of the cycle trade and industry and competitors of standing to meet informally to discuss cycling topics.


  1. To invite prominent public persons to meet the Club and address the members on topics affecting cycling which come within their own particular sphere.


  1. To gain high appreciation of cycling in all its forms from non-cyclists.


  1. To further the interests of the sport and pastime in all possible ways.




Membership of the Club shall be confined to male persons who have rendered or are rendering service to cycling which in the opinion of members shall warrant their admission.   The full members shall not exceed 60


Any full member of the Club who is absent from three consecutive meetings shall cease to be a member unless he submits an adequate explanation.




In addition to the full membership of 60 maximum, the executive committee may elect country members with full rights and obligations of full members, but subject to the following special conditions:


  1. Their usual place of residence is not within 50 miles radius of Central London.


  1. They cease to be members if without reasonable cause they do not attend at least one luncheon meeting during any financial year.


  1. They shall specifically notify the Hon Secretary of their intention to attend any luncheon meeting by 6pm on the preceding Sunday, but please see Rule 13.




Subject to the following conditions and to the approval of the executive committee, full members may be transferred to social membership in the event that:


  1. The member has been in full membership continuously for at least two years, or at the discretion of the Committee, immediately prior to a request for transfer. A written request for transfer to social membership must be sent to the Hon Secretary by, or on behalf of, the member concerned. Social members shall have the rights and obligations of full members except that:


  1. A member in the social class shall cease to be a member if without reasonable cause he fails to attend at least one luncheon meeting during any financial year.


  1. Social members shall specifically notify the Hon Secretary of their intention to attend any luncheon meeting by 6pm on the preceding Sunday, but please see Rule 13.




Candidates for membership shall be nominated by not less than two members and election shall be by ballot of the executive committee.   Election of new members shall be reported to the next meeting of the Club or otherwise notified to the general membership.




Provided it appears on the Agenda, and on the recommendation of the executive committee, members of the Club in General Meeting may elect to honorary life membership any member who in their opinion has so served the Club as to warrant the honour.   Life members shall not be subject to the provisions of Rules 4, 5, 6, 9 and 11.




The Rules of the Club may be amended only at the Annual General Meeting of the Club, or at a Special General Meeting convened for that purpose, and in either case, provided notice is given on the Agenda circulated to the membership, a two thirds majority of those present and voting is necessary for any rule change to be made.




The Officials of the Club shall be the President, the Hon Secretary, the Asst. Hon Secretary, the Hon. Treasurer and the Hon. Publicity Officer, all these officials shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting.   There shall also be elected annually at that meeting at least three Members Representatives who together with the officials shall form a Committee to conduct the affairs of the Club.   The Immediate Past President shall be entitled to serve ex officio on the Committee for a year after the end of his Presidency.


The Committee shall be empowered to invite a person, or persons, having specialised knowledge, to attend Committee meetings for the purpose of giving advice on the subject of his or her specialised knowledge


The Committee shall have the power to fill any vacancy among the Officers or other members of the Committee.


The quorum for a Committee meeting shall be five


AUDITOR. The Auditor, who may hold no other office under these rules, shall be appointed at the Annual General Meeting, and shall be automatically reappointed unless opposed.   The Committee shall have the power to appoint an Auditor to fill a casual vacancy who will hold office until the next Annual General Meeting when he/she shall be put forward for formal appointment.   The responsibility of the Auditor is to check the accounts of the Club with the records and the supporting documentation.   No personal responsibility shall fall upon him/her in the event of any misfeasance by an official or member who may have had access to the Club funds and records, unless there is evidence of collusion.



The Curator shall be appointed at the Annual General Meeting, and shall be automatically reappointed unless opposed.   The Committee shall have the power to appoint a Curator to fill a casual vacancy who will hold office until the next Annual General Meeting when he/she shall be put forward for formal appointment.   The Curator need not be a member but should be closely associated with a member who will take responsibility for the actions of the Curator.   The responsibilities of the Curator will be to safeguard the records of the Club and collate and file items of interest such as photographs, documents, etc.




  1. The Annual Subscription shall be £25.


  1. It will be due and payable on 1st November in advance of the year of membership, which will run from 1st November to the following 31st October.


  1. New Members will pay the subscription on election, but if elected after 31st July the subscription for the year of election will be waived.


  1. The Executive Committee shall have the power to remove from membership any member whose subscription falls three calendar months in arrears.


  1. Only those members who have paid their subscription will be entitled to speak and vote at the Annual General Meeting or any Special General Meeting.




Luncheon meetings shall commence precisely at 12.45pm and shall be held on the second Wednesday in each month or as decided by the Executive Committee, or in cases of urgency, at the discretion of the President, the Chairman elect for the particular meeting and the Hon. Secretary.   Members may bring guests to Club luncheons provided prior notice is given to the Hon Secretary.   The Hon. Secretary will use his discretion in regard to available space in the room.




Full and Hon. Life Members must notify the Hon Secretary by 6pm on the Sunday preceding each luncheon meeting, if they will not be attending, otherwise they may be held responsible for the cost of their lunch

[But note that The Prince of Wales has requested confirmation of the menu and the number attending by 9.00am on the Sunday preceding each luncheon meeting, so therefore the Hon Secretary must be notified by 6pm on the appropriate Saturday.]




A meeting of the members shall be held annually in January to:

  1. Receive the Annual Report of the Committee.
  2. Receive the Treasurers Statement of Accounts for the past year.
  3. Elect the Officials of the Club.
  4. Attend to any other business of which proper notice has been given.




The following shall apply to the conduct of General Meetings:


  1. Notification of the date for items to be included in the agenda to be sent out to all members, by the Hon Secretary 14 days prior to the closing date.


  1. The agenda shall be despatched to reach members at least 7 days prior to the General Meeting.


  1. At least 25 members to be present in order to form a quorum.


  1. All motions need a simple majority to be passed, except for rule changes, when a two-thirds majority of those members present and voting is required.


  1. Items for the Agenda of the Annual General Meeting shall reach the Hon Secretary at least 21 days prior to the date of the meeting.


  1. A Special General Meeting may be called at anytime by the Committee; or by requisition in writing by not less than 12 members provided the purpose is stated. Not less than 21 days notice shall be given of such Special General Meeting.








  1. The book shall be called The Pedal Club Golden Book.


  1. The Book shall be administered by the Executive Committee.


  1. It may be financed from:
  2. Donations from Club funds.
  3. Donations from Club members.
  4. Donations from the Trade, Press and Associations.
  5. Donations from individuals or clubs.
  6. All expenditure on the Book will be ratified by the Executive Committee.


  1. One nomination can be made in any year by a member. All nominations for signature shall be put before the members at the Annual General Meeting.   A vote will be taken and a simple majority will suffice. In any one year the maximum number of persons to be invited to sign the Golden Book shall be three.   If more than three nominations are before the meeting the three nominees obtaining the most votes will be invited to sign the Book.   All members be encouraged to contribute to the list of potential ”names” to be recognised for their cycling achievements in The Pedal Club Golden Book.


  1. The signing of the Golden Book will take place at one of the monthly luncheons held by the Pedal Club or at a mutually agreed venue. The Executive Committee will rule on the suitability of the venue.


  1. Achievements being recognised may include:
  2. Individual or group ride or rides of great distinction. These may be in competition on road or track.
  3. Outstanding service to cycling through organisational ability, administrative, press or political activity which contributes to the value, history, discovery or development of cycling.
  4. Outstanding contribution to development or improvement in cycle design.
  5. Any other activity which is considered meritorious and benefits cycling as a whole.
  6. Signatories may be United Kingdom citizens or foreign nationals but the activity in respect of which honour is being accorded to a foreign national must have taken place in the United Kingdom.


  1. The Book may be signed by:
  2. An individual or group of individuals.
  3. The President or Head of a Club, Association or Organisation.
  4. The Chairman, Managing Director or main official of a Company or Organisation.
  5. Each signatory shall be presented with a copy of their citation with the heading ”The Pedal Club Golden Book Tribute to…”, the copy will be signed on behalf of The Pedal Club by the current Club President.




Chris Boardman

Beryl Burton

Gethin Butler

Ian Cammish

Roy Cromack

Tony Doyle

Alf Engers

Eileen Gray

Johnny Helms

Mandy Jones

Phil Liggett

Chas Messenger

Alex Moulton

Graeme Obree

Dick Poole

Harold Scott

Tom Simpson

Bill Squance

Ian Steel

Ron Webb

Les West

Ron White

John Woodburn

Sean Yates

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