TdF Sweepstake

“The Wall” came good, distributing winnings at the August meeting.

Lantern Rouge members were well represented, and your President had no cause to complain.


Good morning Gentlemen,

“The Wall” has asked me to forward this message to you concerning his “investment proposal”:

Dear Fellow Members,

Investments in this year’s TdF Sweepstake are down on last year and as a consequence dividends will have to be cut.

Undoubtedly this situation has arisen by the feeling in the market that the results of the impending Brexit negotiations are unclear, which have, in turn, given rise to a general feeling of pessimism throughout the City and Europe which have, in turn, created an unfortunate Bearish mood.

But there is one sure-fire way of unleashing the Bear again by investing in the P.C. Sweepstake. Many of you have taken a positive attitude have done so but there are a number that are still wavering. The start of the tour is now only 9 days away and the P.C. is giving you one last chance to become an investor and therefore the chance to become a billionaire (by wisely reinvesting your dividends).

This is made possible by the board now accepting postal investments up to and including 29 June 2017 but due to the increasing heavy administrative expenses a minimum investment of £5 is imposed.

If interested please make out your cheque (min. £5 max. £250K) to and send to

Richard Wall

142 Holden Avenue

Oxley Park

Milton Keynes

MK4 space 4HT


The Board wishes you every success in your investment but reminds you that the value of your investment may increase or decrease and that you may not get back the full amount invested – if any at all.

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